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How to Design and Execute a Backlinking Strategy that Works

How to Design and Execute a Backlinking Strategy that Works SEO professionals have many strategies available to them to increase the visibility of their websites/pages in search, including content and inbound marketing, proper use of meta data, and backlinking strategy. The latter is one of the more prevalent methods of building search engine visibility, but it is often misunderstood and/or misapplied. Backlinking is key to white hat, gray hat, and black hat strategies, and indeed, speaks to the heart of how search engines index and evaluate websites.No matter what set of strategies an SEO professional eventually settles on, nor whether they are handling SEO in-house or outsourcing it, it is important to understand what backlinking is and how can it affect SERP and other measures of SEO success. © | Rawpixel.comIn this article, we will cover 1) what backlinking is and how it affects SEO; 2) inorganic vs. organic backlinking; 3) designing a backlinking strategy that works; and 4) notes on executing your backlinking strategy.WHAT IS BACKLINKING AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT SEO?Backlinking is the process of obtaining links to one’s website in order to improve overall search visibility. Moz, a leading software firm identifies three types of backlinks:Natural Links: Others give these links to websites without any action taken by the website’s owners. For example, a newspaper reports on a corporation and includes a link in on their website to the corporation’s website.Outreach Links: Outreach links are those that SEO practitioners try to obtain through direct action. These are the basis of many backlinking strategies.Self-Created Links: These are links that SEO practitioners can place on third-party websites for SEO purposes.Fundamentally, search engines use prog rams called spiders or crawlers, which travel from link to link online, indexing and evaluating what they find. Using proprietary ranking algorithms, these programs assess the popularity and relevance of websites and webpages on a continuous basis.Early on in search history, crawler algorithms assumed that the more linking to a particular website, the more popular that website must be. This led to SEO practitioners employing a variety of tactics to garner a large number of links to their webpage. In many cases, these links were low quality â€" stemming from irrelevant sites. In some cases, SEO practitioners created new websites designed for no other purpose than to provide links to the websites the SEO practitioners were trying to promote.The major search engines grew wise to this and incorporated an emphasis on the quality of links, as well as natural links (see below). Today the exact degree to which the quality and quantity of backlinks affects SERP is unknown. However, search en gines have publicly stated that backlinks do matter quite a bit.When assessing backlink quality, search engines consider:RelevanceThis refers to how often the site itself earns (or SEO practitioners obtain for it) new backlinks, as well as the variety and quality of the sites from which the backlinks stem. More value is assigned to the rate of natural backlinks obtained than outreach or self-created backlinks.Trust rankOne aspect of search engine algorithms is the capacity to “trust” certain domains with histories of not harboring spam. How a website domain ranks as far as a search engine’s trust system is an important part of link quality assessment.Anchor textAnchor text refers to text that a URL displays other than its web address. These internal links can heighten the visibility of particular webpages and even websites.Link neighborhoodSearch engines assess not just the domains linking to a site but where those domains themselves link to. In this way, they can better asses s the quality of the backlink, and in turn make a determination about the quality of the site.Local/topic-specific link popularityAlong with link neighborhood, crawlers assess how popular a link is within its “neighborhood” of links related by topic, and by common location. SEO practitioners can optimize branded keywords in links and push sharable link-enriched content to increase their popularity.Overall link popularityFundamentally, websites that are more popular are always going to enjoy more natural links than those that do not. Once search engines weed out spam links and unnatural links, they do assess the quantity of backlinks a website has.Social distributionCrawlers also assess the distribution of links shared on social networks. These links are not treated the same as backlinks for ranking purposes by the major search engines, as it is simply too easy to generate them. However, search engines do pay attention to how widely branded keywords, content and links are shared on these networks.INORGANIC VS. ORGANIC BACKLINKINGAll backlinks a firm tries to obtain should be diverse, authoritative, and relevant. Firms and websites may develop organic backlinks through the course of natural operations, such as publishing content or PR activities. These are known as organic backlinks (what Moz refers to as natural backlinks).Firms may also obtain backlinks from link exchanges and purchases, from a variety of sites that are not necessarily a fit for your content/website. These are known as inorganic backlinks. These can be either outreach or self-created links. These typically have less value than organic backlinks in search assessments of website popularity and relevance.Search engines occasionally modify their algorithms to penalize those websites with high numbers of inorganic backlinks. For example, in 2011, Google released Google Panda â€" an update to its search algorithm designed specifically to diminish the search visibility of low-content, low-quality websites. Many sites designed solely for SEO purposes, such as link directories, suffered a steep decline in their search rankings. Others that used a number of black hat strategies, such as duplicate content, saw similar declines.Obtaining organic backlinks takes time, but the results of this strategy are sustainable over time. Websites with large quantities of organic backlinks are largely immunized from updates like Panda.DESIGNING A BACKLINKING STRATEGY THAT WORKSThe basis of a good backlinking strategy is a good content marketing strategy. SEO practitioners should strive to produce content that others share and distribute, as well as to which they create backlinks. This white hat strategy, known as content marketing, is the best way to create backlinks over time. A highly effective subset of content marketing â€" inbound marketing â€" involves the development of content that drives traffic back to the website through backlinks. While inbound marketing is used more directly for increasing traffic than increasing a website’s position in search engine results, search engines do also evaluate overall traffic in website SEO assessments. Moreover, increased traffic can increase the likelihood of a website obtaining natural backlinks from users.To design and execute a strong content marketing strategy, SEO practitioners should involve marketers and copywriters to create a steady stream of compelling and current content aligned with both the firm’s brand standards and SEO goals. These content developer should create a content roadmap, a document that outlines what, when, and how content is to be created. Content should be developed that can generate enough interest to elicit organic backlinks, as well as that incorporates backlinks in the content itself. The marketers and SEO practitioners should consider both the channel’s marketing ROI and SEO ROI, and schedule content distribution to not only achieve marketing goals but also SEO trends as well.Public re lations (PR) can greatly enhance SEO efforts. PR involves increasing the public profile of a firm in both offline and online media channels. PR professionals are looking to get the firm’s product mentioned in The New York Times and other major news outlets, industry publications, major blogs, and everywhere else that is feasible. SEO practitioners should incorporate their organization’s PR departments into SEO efforts, because PR practitioners can become a great source of outreach and self-created backlinks. Their efforts can also increase the likelihood of the organization obtaining organic backlinks Great sources of PR-related backlinks include:Help A Reporter Out (HARO)This free service connects reporters in need of quick expert commentary with agency and in-house PR professionals. PR professionals can work to ensure that the reporters provide a relevant backlink to their organization’s website.Press release syndicationMany press release syndication services, such as PRWeb or PRNewswire, can provide a great source of backlinks (and, of course, PR). Syndication allows the press release to live on a number of websites, providing backlinks from a variety of different domains, without the content creator being penalized for duplicate content.Guest blog postsThis provides a great way to increase a brand’s exposure and build credibility, as well as generate a solid backlink. The higher the visibility of the blog, the better the quality of the backlink.Co-sponsored/branded events/initiativesMicrosites used to promote co-sponsored events and/or initiatives can provide a strong source of backlinks. While these sites themselves may not have the time to develop high search rank on their own, if they are on subdomains of well-established domain names, they (and by extension backlinks stemming from them) may be assessed highly in terms of quality.Social network profilesMany social network profiles proffer nofollow links only, to prevent their abuse for SEO uses. Dofollow backlinks can be obtained from the social media profiles of YouTube, HubPages, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Reddit, and LinkedIn.Online review sitesProduct/service testimonials on third-party consumer reporting sites can provide a good source of quality backlinks (and good PR, assuming a well-reviewed product/service).Link DirectoriesOnce the go-to source for backlinks, link directories â€" webpages that aggregate and categorize links for SEO purposes, no longer hold the same SEO boost they once did. These sources of unnatural links however can help only if those are televant link directories.TestimonialsSEO practitioners can send product reviews to firms for use on their websites and include a backlink. Many firms will add the testimonial, complete with backlink, just to show off consumer appreciation of their product.Website feedback sitesWebsites that provide feedback on the design or layout of other websites can be a good, easy source of dofollow links.InfographicsInfog raphics are a very popular source of content, often making up the entirety of blog posts. Consider tapping marketing/research/PR to create infographics on current topics, post them, share them, or offer them to third-parties. Make sure to embed a backlink.These are just some of the ways to incorporate backlinking strategies into a solid content marketing plan. Once a firm has planned and begun to execute its content strategy, they must regularly assess the impact of published and distributed content on overall SEO (using an analytics program like Web Analytics), and course-correct if/where necessary. Just as channels and content were determined by looking at both marketing and SEO goals, adjustments should be made with marketing goals in mind as well.Depending on one’s SEO goals, practitioners may need to improve website visibility quickly. Black hat and gray hat approaches may ramp up a website’s search engine rankings relatively quickly. Many of these techniques incorporate so me aspects of backlinking. For example, SEO practitioners can create what are known as link pyramids â€" which are websites solely designed to provide backlinks to other sites. Hidden links â€" backlinks that are invisible to humans, can be placed on link pyramids, and doorway pages â€" pages solely designed to redirect visitors to other pages, as well as in widgets. For practitioners with a sizable budget, buying competitor websites to either delete them or provide a source of backlinks, may be an option. Nevertheless, practitioners may suffer significant decreases in ranking, and even be delisted, for excessive use of these techniques.NOTES ON EXECUTING YOUR BACKLINKING STRATEGYWhether one chooses white hat, gray hat, or black hat SEO strategies, SEO practitioners should consider a few fundamental things when designing and executing a backlinking strategy.Properly oversee SEO vendorsWhen obtaining the services of a third-party firm to design and execute SEO strategies, a firm shou ld have a clear idea of how the firm will execute the plan. The firm, not the vendor will suffer any punitive measures proffered by search engines (not to mention potentially be liable for damages, should the firm implement illegal black hat tactics). Understand that firms guaranteeing high organic rankings are likely either overselling themselves or do not understand SEO.Consistently add backlinks over timeSudden spikes in backlinks signal to search engines that a website’s owners purchased backlinks. This may lead to the purchasing organization’s website being penalized.Optimize anchor tags with keyword rich contentThese internal links can have a significant SEO impact on internal webpages. However, don’t overdo this. Doing though, even inadvertently, will be read by most search engines as black hat SEO, and may net penalties.Obtain backlinks from a variety of relevant sourcesIf all backlinks stem from one or two sources, search engines assume that the website in question is not relevant.Don’t forget socialMany SEO practitioners only think of backlinking strategies as relates to the major search engines. Social networks have their own search engines, some of them quite robust. YouTube’s search engine, for example, is more heavily searched than Yahoo. Backlinking on social networks that offer no follow links should be assessed in terms of potential for growing and increasing traffic both to branded social channels and to the corporate website, which itself is assessed by search engines for SEO purposes. Backlinks should also be added wherever possible on socially sharable content.There’s more to SEOBacklinking is just one of many strategies, and should be used just as judiciously as the others.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hstorical Cost Accounting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hstorical Cost Accounting Advantages and disadvantages of historical cost accounting, alternatives to historical cost accounting 2.1 Introduction Accounting concepts and conventions as used in accountancy are the rules and guidelines by which the accountant lives. The historical cost accounting convention is an accounting technique that values an asset for balance sheet purposes at the price paid for the asset at the time of its acquisition. The historical cost accounting is the situation in which accountants record revenue, expenditure and asset acquisition and disposal at historical cost: that is, the actual amounts of money, or money s worth, received or paid to complete the transaction.†¦show more content†¦How is historical accounting better than alternatives? Quite clearly the several limitations and flaws of the traditional historical costs method have been highlighted and picked upon from time to time. Still historical costs are the standard form of accounting due to its unique features and conventions that make it better than most available alternatives. One of the main resources why historic accounting even though flawed forms the basis of our traditional accounting model is because accountants are reluctant to price the assets at current market value. Over the years number of cases relating to accounting malpractice and creative accounting have been exposed that have made accounting bodies reluctant from using current values which directly effect the share prices. Accountants have to guard the integrity of their data against internal modifications. The use of current cost or exit price opens the door to manipulation of these numbers. The alternative measures for measuring and reporting assets provide management with considerable discretion and opportunities to influence the value of assets reported. Critics admit that the possibility of manipulation exits, but the profession can formulate rules on how current values are to be ascertained. Under historical cost accounting there is no room for manipulation and the data

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What the In-Crowd Wont Tell You About Macbeth Essay Topics

What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Macbeth Essay Topics Believe it or not writing the essay is really the simplest aspect of the practice. Writing services can either supply you with great advice in writing a specific essay that may appear mind-boggling, or else they can lead you through the procedure of writing it all on your own. The moment the writer is appointed, they begin working on your essay in line with the requirements you have specified in your purchase. For essay writing ideas and controversial topics, students may use a number of the ones in the subsequent list. Lady Macbeth s identity in the beginning indicates that she's a person who is loving. Even ambition for power may be great thing. There's even a theory a man such as him did not exist in any respect. The tragic hero recognizes her or his flaw, however there's nothing that could be done in order to avert tragedy. Getting the Best Macbeth Essay Topics Essay on Macbeth characters are rather popular with students. Shakespeare's Macbeth is stuffed with engaging designs, which means that your long-term future thesis impression is decided by the main you elect for. Thus, start looking for Macbeth essay examples and think of the potential topics which you can pick. Now, you've got to go for Macbeth essay examples as these provides you with a practical hint of what it is you are predicted to write about. Macbeth states he has not thought about them in any way. Below, Macbeth is now going nuts. Macbeth is among the most famed tragedies by Shakespeare. Macbeth is regarded as a tragic hero. You are able to receive all sorts of quality Macbeth essay examples from our site. Macbeth becomes much more outraged and yell at everyone while in the region and he starts to scream. On the flip side, Lady Macbeth has a more passionate means of examining the advantages and disadvantages of killing Duncan. Macbeth becomes increasingly more furious and he starts to yell and shout at eve ryone inside the place. Due to their predictions, Macbeth murders many folks. Macbeth knows that Duncan is a sort king and excellent man. Macbeth still appears to feel that the future holds peace because of his reign. Fate, on the flip side, is fixed. Observing the conventions of tragedy, a lot of the characters become corrupted somehow, and, by the close of the play, each one of the corrupt characters have to be eliminated so that Denmark can once more be set right. Using Macbeth Essay Topics An argumentative essay is a sort of essay that presents arguments about either side of a problem. Whenever you have the task to write Macbeth essays for the very first time, there isn't any doubt that you won't know where to begin and the way to begin. In any case, your conclusion needs to be somewhat precise and laconic. A great conclusion can summarize the principal points of the essay in a couple of sentences. As soon as you finish your essay you are a lot more familiar about yo ur essay and its the ideal time to go for a last title. The debut of your essay is likely to include your thesis statement. Least a single topic on your own, however, you give it was. If you'd like, we can also suggest a couple of essay topics you might think about working on. Of course, when you have very little writing experience you've got to find essay examples on Shakespeare's Macbeth to make certain you learn essay writing ABC. On the flip side, if you opt to purchase this essay from us, we could supply you an excellent writer and an even greater essay. It is crucial to realize that this is an essay that is more than merely a literary bit of writing. Unlike in different essays, writing narrative essays enable the writer to use a very first person point of view as it is based on personal experiences. The Macbeth Essay Topics Chronicles Authoring an essay on Shakespeare may perhaps be uncomfortable, for the large part given that it is going to involve important attention, notwithstanding the complicated terms of his takes on. When you're through with the brief description, then it's time for suitable analysis and interpretation of the things you merely read. These topics are able to help you concentrate on the topic of conscience and its role fo r unique characters. Utilize plot info and other elements of the play to support this thesis. The important point to remember about business essays is they need to present content that's pertinent to the total subject, and your arguments are supported by underlying facts, references and examples. You shouldn't utilize somebody else's thesis, but writers developing an interpretation often touch upon a wide range of ideas they do not explore in much depth. Meticulous research is necessary to find the facts right. Secondly, globalization gives opportunities to lower labor expenses and production expenses.

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Ethics on Walt Disney Free Essays

According to an article from The New York Times, on May 9, 2012 The Walt Disney Company’s profits had grown up to 21% at Disney’s Cable TV gains and a surge in Resorts Business. Thanks to climbing ad sales and subscription fees at ESPN, another cable channel like ABCfamily has also helped the Walt Disney Company. Its quarterly profit 21% To $1. We will write a custom essay sample on Ethics on Walt Disney or any similar topic only for you Order Now 14 billion dollars. The article started off by stating that Disney’s financial reported a Growth on retail sales report. In addition an operating income at Walt Disney Company Park and Resorts Surged 53% to $222 million dollars. A reason for this division growth was that they had high spenders. Which meant they wasted money on Disney’s products and not only that but there attendance increased on almost all there resorts worldwide. Just like in Tokyo an increase in spending up to 5%. This is ethical, because it shows that the resorts must be doing well that means people are going and spending their money even with this recession. Besides this there is an issue that Disney’s studios faced after filming the movie John Carter but they had a solution. After they had lost money from that movie they also had losses from media networks. Because As the result that they were working on their interactive media. Aside from their losses, Disney reported earnings per share of 58 cents for the quarter. Up to 18% from 49 cents a year earlier. Not only had that but Analyst expected Earnings per share of 56 cents. In the other hand there was revenue 6% to $9. 6 billion. This shows that it was am improvement for Walt Disney they do there accountings in an Ethical manner. Another good ethics of Walt Disney is there television portfolio, since they have a variety of studios. They manage different channels like sports and family channels that helps them set apart from there competition. ESPN is by the largest contributor to Disney’s overall probability. â€Å"Quite well positioned to remain the pre-eminent sports brand,† said Disney Chairman Robert I. Iger. This statement shows that ESPN is doing a good job as it should and shows that not only that. But ESPN is still growing with their subscribers and fees. Lastly in the article, it states that since the release of the movie Marvel Inc. The movie has recorded the biggest opening. â€Å"It’s a great illustration of why we like Marvel Inc. o much. † Said Mr. Iger. In my opinion I think the Walt Disney Company is very successful. They have been around the business for quite a while. Not only that but they made products and films that are worth value. Great film from back in the days and still going on now. The Walt Disney Company hires employees and trains them to their best abili ty which not many companies do. They require safety and have their business standards set well. Just how their profits have increased. That’s shows their doing a well ethical job. They may not be perfect but they sure have accounting set well in their business. Because the fact that if they didn’t Walt Disney would be as well-known. Their resorts wouldn’t be considered one of the happiest places on earth. This Article states the ethical manner that Walt Disney has done yet they had issues but still they overcome them just like how ethical companies should. The Walt Disney Company hasn’t been affected in a huge drastic way that other companies have been affected. But yet I think that is example that an ethical company leads and that is Walt Disney. REFERENCE http://query. nytimes. com/gst/fullpage. html? res=9C01EFD9133AF93AA35756C0A9649D8B63ref=brooksbarnes How to cite Ethics on Walt Disney, Papers

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What Challenges Do You Think the Company Faced in Changing Theculture Essay Example

What Challenges Do You Think the Company Faced in Changing Theculture? Paper What challenges do you think the company faced in changing theculture? Every organization has a culture which is a set of beliefs, values andstandard that set the quality for how employees are to act, how work is to bedone, and what image to represent to the world. The Ritz-Carlton has a strong culture whereas others are less welldefined. Ritz-Carlton motto â€Å"We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladiesand Gentlemen. According to Simon Cooper, the President and Chief  Operating Officer of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC, they chose the mottobecause they don’t want their employees to think of themselves as a servile;their employees might not have the wealth, knowledge or education of their  guest but they do have the same values. Cooper added culture keeps thecompany functioning at high levels, while keeping it profitable and enabling itto win awards; Ritz-Carlton culture is about the relentless and unremittingdesire to deliver world class service. However, Ritz-Carlton may be faced asubstantial challenges if the culture has change. Here are some of thechallenges: Research When corporate culture no longer supports the business strategy, change isneeded. Ritz-Carlton may needs to do a lot of research to find out why exactlyculture change is necessary for them. Besides of that, they also need to avoidthe negative effect which may affect employees’ job performance. Employment Employees might affected by the change of the culture. For instance, their  employees might not be work efficiently and may have a negative attitude. We will write a custom essay sample on What Challenges Do You Think the Company Faced in Changing Theculture? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on What Challenges Do You Think the Company Faced in Changing Theculture? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on What Challenges Do You Think the Company Faced in Changing Theculture? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Furthermore, employees afraid that they might have to do things that theyhave never done before or even lose the jobs because of the culture changewhich is the most powerful restraining force. Ritz-Carlton does not ‘hire’employees; they ‘select’ new members for the Ritz-Carlton team. Ritz-Carltonselects candidates by looking at their attitudes and values, instead of skillsand experience. If candidates have years of experience but do not fit in withthe strong service culture, they are simply not selected. Organizational Performance Organizational performance mainly affected by its culture, so there isnecessary to change when the culture is no longer support the businessstrategy. Before doing so, Ritz-Carlton should analyse, identify and developthe organisations capacity for changing the culture to prevent the possibility of  image spoiled. [pic][pic][pic] [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] Period of Time Changing of organisational culture is an on-going and never ending processwhich may take years of time to implement and feel the full benefits. Therefore, changing the culture may be tedious for Ritz-Carlton. What is the Ritz-Carlton doing to maintain this new culture? Company culture plays an important role in maintaining a cultivatingenvironment for employees which in turn helps company to be at lead in their  businesses. As a company grow, its cultural values are refined andstrengthened. Every organization has its own unique culture or value set. Theculture of the organization is typically created unconsciously, based on thevalues of the top management or the founders of an organization. According to Cooper, a great employee culture comes from their ladiesand gentlemen as they call their employees, being fully engaged in Ritz-Carlton business. One of the things they try to do is to marry-up their guestengagement and employee engagement which mean they searching for andfinding the evidence that a great employee results in a great guestexperience. To maintain this new culture, Ritz-Carlton has empowered their  employees. There are a few of strategies that Ritz-Carlton used to maintainthis new culture: Living the Service Values Every manager and front line employee will carries a trifold pocket card thatbears the title ‘Gold Standards’ but is referred to as the ‘Credo Card’. The‘Credo Card’ stated of 12 service value guidelines which intended to helpthem in create the mystique to attract luxury travellers. The Ritz-Carlton is notalone in create the rules and guidelines to keep employees focused oncompany values, however the Ritz-Carlton does stand apart in how itreinforces the values with every employees, every day. Define and Refine This principle is emphasizes the importance of defining the experience youwant customer to have with your employees and explores how to refine theexperience based on what is relevant to your customers. Each day every Ritz-Carlton around the world, employees from each department will gather tohave 15 minutes of meeting known as ‘line-up’. This daily line-up is to reviewthe guest experience, resolve issues, and discuss the way to improve theservice. Rewards Ritz-Carlton motivating and rewarding their employees, who have exceededtheir expectations, surpassed the highest goal with The Ritz-Carlton IncentiveAwards. Furthermore, managers give out the Gold Standard Coupons tothose employees who are ‘caught’ meeting the hotel standards for quality. These coupons can be exchanged for weekend accommodations at the hotel [pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic][pic] or merchandise in the hotel’s gift shop. Every quarter, a Five-Star EmployeeAward is granted; with the winner receiving a five-night stay for two at a Ritz-Carlton anywhere in the world, along with round-trip tickets for two andUS$500 allowance. Empowered through Trust The Ritz-Carlton trusts their employees and provides them a better workplaceso that they come to work with a smiley face and provide excellent customer  service. Deliver WOW Stories have the power which motivate, influence and reinforce the company’svision, culture and values. In the line-up, someone will read the ‘WOW’ storiesof the day. The same story is shared across hotels in 21 countries, for  example a housekeeper will hear the same story as a waiter in Hong Kong. ? There is one family staying at the Ritz-Carlton of Bali, had carried aspecialized eggs and milk for their son who suffered from foodallergies. Upon arrival, they found that the eggs had broken and themilk had soured. Managers and dining staff searched the town butcould not find the appropriate items. However, the executive chef  remembered that there is a stall in Singapore which selling theproducts. So he called his mother-in-law, asked her to buy the productsand fly to Bali to deliver to them, which she willing to do. In the above case, the Bali is intended to reinforce the service values of No. 7which is â€Å"use team work to meet individual needs of our guest†. Provide Training Employees who join Ritz-Carlton will have two days of nothing but trainingabout Ritz-Carlton. Employees will have two days of orientation whichincludes meals and restaurants and training in meeting rooms, they aretreated like a guest. After that, they will receive 30 days of training from acertified trainer from the department. On day 21, new employees are asked togive the management feedback on how they can improve their trainingprogram for future training and recertification. Additionally, every employeewill get a minimum 130 hours of training every year which spans training for  their department, company culture, language and computer skills. Besides of  that, every employee will also go through annual recertification after they passwritten test, role play and interviews on culture and skill.

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Latin Words and Expressions in English

Latin Words and Expressions in English Why Learn About Latin Words and Expressions in English?: Some excellent reasons you might want to know more about Latin words and expressions in English are: Youre studying for a vocabulary/admissions test.Youre a non-native English speaker puzzled by the vocabulary.Youre developing a character for a novel.You need a new word for a specific technical purpose.You are a stickler for language purity and dont want to create a hybrid word inadvertently. [See this polyamory t-shirt for more information.] The Latin Connection With English: Its confusing to hear that English doesnt come from Latin because there are so many Latin words and expressions in English, but vocabulary is not enough to make one language the daughter language of another. Romance languages, including French, Italian, and Spanish, come from Latin, an important sub-branch of the Italic branch of the Indo-European tree. The Romance languages are sometimes called daughter languages of Latin. English is a Germanic language, not a Romance or Italic language. The Germanic languages are on a different branch from the Italic. Just because our English language doesnt come from Latin doesnt mean all our words have a Germanic origin. Clearly, some words and expressions are Latin, like ad hoc. Others, e.g., habitat, circulate so freely that were not aware theyre Latin. Some came into English when Francophone Normans invaded Britain in 1066. Others, borrowed from Latin, have been modified. Latin TranslationA Biography of LatinThe Spread of LatinIndo-European Languages Latin Words in English: There are many Latin words in English. Some are more obvious than others because they are italicized. Others are used with nothing to set them apart as imported from Latin. You may not even be aware theyre Latin, like veto or etc. Latin Words in EnglishMore Latin Words in EnglishLatin Adjectives in EnglishLatin and Greek Geometry TermsLatin Religious Words in English Latin Words Incorporated in English Words: In addition to what we call borrowing (although there is no plan to return the borrowed words), Latin is used to form English words. Often English words contain a Latin word as a prefix. These Latin words are most often Latin prepositions. Many Latin words come into English with the preposition already attached to the verb. Sometimes the ending is changed to suit the needs of English; for instance, the verb may be converted to a noun. English Words With Latin PrepositionsGreek and Latin Prefixes and Suffixes For English WordsLatin Color WordsBorrowed Words Latin Sayings in English: Some of these sayings are familiar in translation; others in their original Latin (or Greek). Most of them are profound and worth remembering (in either the classical or modern language). Latin Sayings in EnglishAncient Proverbs in Pictures More - Words and Ideas: Words and Ideas, edited by William J. Dominik, contains word-building techniques for those who want to learn how to combine bits of Latin or Greek to form proper words in English or for those interested in the meaning of those word components. Latin Grammar in English: Since English doesnt come from Latin it follows that the internal structure or grammar of English is different from Latin. But English grammar as it is taught in classes on grammar is based on Latin grammar. As a result, some official rules make limited or no sense. One that is familiar, in its violation, from the Star Trek series, is the rule against a split infinitive. The Star Trek sentence contains the split infinitive to boldly go. Such a construction simply cant happen in Latin, but is obviously easy to do in English, and it works. See William Harris on how we wound up with the Latin grammar albatross.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Vanity Presses

Vanity Presses The world would be glorious indeed if authors could write then hand off the manuscript to an entity that published the book, put it out there, and made it sell. Wed come up from our deep mental state of storytelling, occasionally check on statistics, cash the checks, and create to our hearts content. We wouldnt have to do social media every day. No speaking in public. No guest blogging. No shaking hands with bookstore owners or cold-calling book clubs in hopes of being selected for one of its 2016 choices. But an author isnt allowed to just write. He is if he doesnt care how many books sell, but if he isnt writing to be read, why is he writing at all? Here lately, Ive had a rash of requests from frustrated new authors. Way more than usual. They state they have a publisher who believes in their work, and for their investment of $3,000, $4,000, even $9,000, their book would be everywhere . . . even on Amazon! So, lets define a vanity press for those of you who are not sure how to avoid these people who will take your money and not care whether you sold your first child into slavery to do it. 1) They offer an entire turnkey program so you dont have to worry . . . for a four-figure fee. 2) They try to sell you a marketing package. Sorry, but you are the marketer. And bookstores know these vanity presses and dont want to read those pretty marketing publications that supposedly go out to an eager world of book buyers. 3) The price on your book is higher than the norm. How do you know this? Because you have done your homework and look in the bookstores or on Amazon to see what the norm is. Twenty dollars for a romance paperback isnt the norm. 4) They offer payment plans. 5) Their websites talk more about how to publish than about the books that have been highly successful. Their business is selling publishing packages, not books, unless they are selling those books to hungry authors. The reader is not the focus of their business. Most of you know to avoid vanity presses. There are too many other ways to publish in which you have more control and make far more money, but like anything in publishing, you have to do the promotion. If you write a book for family and friends and dont care about how books are made or sold, then vanity press publishing might be the answer. But the next time you are in the bookstore, take a list of vanity presses with you . . . and let me know how many of their books you see on the shelves.